Bathroom Tiling

The easiest way to update your bathroom is to change the tiles. We specialise in bathroom tiling and can help find the perfect tiles for you.

Every type of tile has different requirements to ensure that they are suitable and will last long in your bathroom. Our specialist will treat or seal the tiles depending on their unique requirements and lay them on a perfectly level and meticulously waterproofed surface.

We then use our high quality epoxy grout that lasts over 10 years. We have a large variety of colours to choose from as the grout colour is the key to tying the wall and floor tiles together.

Whether you simply want to retile your shower or do full wall and floor retiling we have you covered. Give our friendly team a call today to organise your no obligation free quote.

Want to do more then just tiling? See our bathroom renovations page.

Our fully licenced waterproofers are the key to ensuring the longevity of your bathroom. We use nothing but the highest quality waterproof.

Bathroom Tiling
Bathroom Tiling

Bathroom Tiling Services

Are you looking to update your tired and outdated bathroom? The Bathroom is one of the most used spaces in your home and often the first room to upgrade or renovate completely. When it comes to bathrooms, you will need Sydney’s professional and quality bathroom specialists. In our experience, there are a variety of issues that can arise in old buildings and DIY renovations; from plumbing problems and poor construction quality throughout your home’s fixtures – nothing is off limits!

Premier Tiling & Renovation Services focus on quality craftsmanship. Bathroom tiling and renovations are our passion. Whether you are after a complete bathroom renovation or simply upgrading your worn-out tiles to improve your aesthetics, we will take every detail into consideration and go that extra mile to ensure our client’s satisfaction.

Six Steps to Your Dream Bathroom Tiling



Screeding with Australian Standard falls to floor waste.



Waterproofing including a certificate of compliance with the wet area.


Floor and Wall Tiling

Floor and Wall Tiling every inch of your bathroom will be laid out as per your design specification.


Premium Grout

Premium Grout is used to enhancing the look of your tiles.



Caulking top-quality silicone to seal internal corners, architraves, fittings, and floor and wall seams to avoid grout cracking.



Enjoy your polished bathroom for years to come.

Bathroom Tiling FAQ's

To give your tiled area that final touch, a tile trim is used to perfectly finish the edges around corners and where tiles go.

The type of ground you are working with will determine which kind is best for your project needs- but there’s one thing all these have in common: they need something durable enough so as not to crack or crumble after being drilled into by tools!

With silicone, you can make sure your tiling and grouting work is done right by ensuring that the joints are sealed. This will ensure a waterproof house for years to come!

The best bathroom tiles are either ceramic or porcelain; these materials provide scratch-resistant surfaces that don’t show stains easily; they’re affordable for most people since there’s no need to replace them every few years like other types of tile. Nonporousness means water molecules won’t penetrate through so it protects against damage caused by moisture build-up inside the flooring.

Natural stone is becoming very popular, but be aware that it will require resealing every couple of years. It is also susceptible to damage due to spilled perfumes or cleaning products. Consider tiles that look like natural stone, to enhance your bathroom for years to come.

When you want to create a wider and longer bathroom, use tiles that are horizontally aligned. This will visually open up the space giving it an illusion of being larger than its actual dimensions allow.
You can create the look of height in your bathroom by laying large format tiles vertically. This is perfect if you have a low ceiling but plenty of floor space.

Tiling over tiles is a cheaper and time-saving solution and is commonly used rather than pulling up original tiles, and then re-tiling. However, floor heights may become a trip hazard, becoming too high, possibly blocking cupboards, draws and doors. It’s always best to book in an inspection to ensure your bathroom is suitable for tiling over existing tiles.

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