Heated Flooring

Electric floor heating should be at the top of your list if you're in the market for efficient and consistent heat throughout your home. It's a low-maintenance and safe solution that can help keep both feet warm - like having an electric blanket beneath every step! Get all the convenience without compromise with this easy, economical alternative to traditional heating methods.

Keep your toes toasty this winter with an in-floor heated system! Installing a heating system under tiles is the perfect way to enjoy these colder months without sacrificing style.

Underfloor heating brings comfort and convenience to your home like no other. Enjoy a warm, mould-free bathroom for year-round relaxation or cozy up with warmth in the bedroom during chilly winter nights - you won't even have to lift a finger when it comes to maintenance!

Our specialists ensure each job using lasers and special levelling systems during screeding, ensuring that all floors remain level over time. Get ready for luxurious warmth through every step you take - it won't disappoint!

Building a new home or renovating an old home? Now is the perfect time to add those luxurious features you've been dreaming of or upgrade from cold tiles and floors that give you shivers during Winter.

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Heated Flooring

The Perfect Heated Flooring Option For Your Home

Under Tile Floor Heating

Tiles bring a modern aesthetic to any interior, perfect for adding sophistication and comfort to bathrooms, kitchens or laundries. But we can’t forget that tiled floors can be cold in Winter! Under Tile Floor Heating systems provide gentle temperature control with all year round – allowing you all the beauty of tiles without sacrificing cosy toes.

Under Timber Floor Heating

A wood floor heating system achieves the highest comfort level in your home. Perfect for laminate and floating timber floors, this economical yet luxurious option will keep you cozy all season long!

Under Carpet Floor Heating

Although carpets provide added warmth and comfort to a bedroom, they can also impact the efficiency of floor heating. The thickness of underlay used in carpeting may reduce the efficacy of your heater; as such, it is necessary for installation either within a slab or screed layer.

In Screed Floor Heating

Transform your living area or bathroom with our screed installation for reliable warmth and convenience. Experience unparalleled ease when Premier Tiling and Renovation Services provide the perfect platform for various flooring solutions, from natural stone tiles to terracotta finishes– layer on top of the underfloor heating feature before getting creative!

In Slab Floor Heating

With a polished and burnished concrete floor, homeowners can enjoy the benefits of in-slab heating that provides perfect comfort levels with ‘off-peak’ power and smart meters. This is an ideal choice for new builds or extensions, providing both luxury and sustainability to any space!

Bathroom Heating

Outfit your bathroom with the ultimate winter comfort. Our electric floor heating is simple to install and set-up: programme it once, sit back, and relax as you enjoy a consistently heated space during cold months! The intelligent thermostat system works effortlessly for maximum energy efficiency – turning on or off according to changing temperature levels.

Heated Flooring FAQ's

Yes, heated floors are safe and offer far lower fire risks when properly installed! Don’t let the thought of electric floor heating keep you up at night – manufacturers have already considered this concern and taken measures to ensure your safety.

Underfloor heating systems are often perceived as costly, but in reality, they can provide great value. Their fast response times and precise control make it possible to customise your living space’s temperature with ease. Plus, the tailored system will help you save money over time – making this an incredibly cost-effective choice for residence heating!

Heated floors are a safe form of heating. Heated floors have been around for over half a century and are just as safe today. If installed properly, radiant heat flooring is no riskier than conventional heating systems – so don’t be afraid of the extra warmth in your home!

Enjoy the luxury of precision with zoned, thermostatically-controlled underfloor heating! The perfect solution to those mornings and evenings when you’d like a little extra warmth – just switch it on in only the areas that need heat. Whether you’re looking for an occasional warm up or all day comfort, nothing beats tailored temperature control.

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