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We know that your kitchen is the heart of your home and is believed to be the room that holds the most weight when someone is deciding to buy a home. But it’s also where meals are prepped and cooked with love. It serves the family, entertains friends and is where memories are made. The best kitchens deserve the best kitchen tiling specialists.

Premier Tiling and Renovation Services are about creating a stress-free, personalised, friendly and memorable experience. We work hard at being the expert in kitchen tiling; we serve so that You will have the space you’ve always come back for more!

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Kitchen Tiling

Choosing the right tile for your Kitchen

Tiles can make a space more than just functional and beautiful; they also play a vital role in the style of your kitchen design element.

Porcelain Kitchen Tiles

Porcelain tiles are perfect for commercial kitchens, high traffic areas of your home and can stand up against water damage much better than ceramic ones. They’re also easier to clean with just a quick sweep or mop!

Ceramic Kitchen Tiles

Ceramic tiles are a popular choice for kitchens because they’re durable and resistant to water and stains. They also come in many different designs that will fit any kitchen type!

Marble Kitchen Tiles

Marble tiles are a great way to add elegance and sophistication to your kitchen. They come in many different colours, making them functional as well! Plus, you can’t go wrong with the highly polished finish that will give it an instant glamourous look for any home.

Travertine Kitchen Tiles

Travertine tiles offer an earthy feel and are a great option for those looking for natural stone tiling. It’s recyclable, 100% biodegradable, and eco-friendly too! Cleaning travertine takes a bit more effort than porcelain or ceramic tiles, but with the right products it can be easily done.

Kitchen Tiling And Renovation

Refresh your kitchen in style with our range of tiling and renovation options.

Kitchen Tiles for your floor

Spills are a fact of life in kitchens, so why not choose flooring with fewer grout lines? A timber look or tiles that match your splashback and cabinetry will give you peace of mind knowing spills won’t stain quickly. Larger design tiles will also help to keep messes at bay!

Kitchen Tiles for your wall

Kitchen tiles are an easy way to bring the colours from your kitchen together without having too many distractions. A backsplash in mosaic or another design can be used as decoration and protection for walls behind appliances like stoves, becoming a decorative piece . As an alternative to plaster, tiles offer a surface that is easier to clean and more resistant to stains.

Kitchen Splash Back

Splashback or backsplash is the focal point of any kitchen, so it’s essential to put some time into its design and colour. Consider your overall palette when deciding what you want for this area because they affect how things look and the practicality of using them daily!

Outdoor Kitchen Tiling

Transform your outdoor kitchen into a creative masterpiece with the vast selection of tiling options available! Let stunning tiles become part of your backyard retreat, offering elevated design appeal and long-lasting durability. With proper care and maintenance, these surfaces can last for decades—giving you many summers to enjoy their beauty in fresh air surroundings.

Outdoor Kitchen Splash Backs

Create striking visual contrast to your outdoor space with a splashback! Australians love to cook and eat outside, whether in a pizza oven, barbecue or smoker. Alfresco never goes out of style, so why not make your outdoor kitchen experience more enjoyable with an easy-to-clean splashback?

Splashbacks are not only the perfect stylish solution but also an easier and more hygienic choice for busy outdoor kitchens. Instantly elevate any living area design; you’ll add that eye-catching ‘wow’ factor while keeping things clean.
The durability is essential for anything used outdoors; even stainless steel will eventually corrode in coastal or humid locations if you don’t take care of its condition from time spent under Australia’s sun!

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