Laundry Tiling

Renovating your laundry room can be an exciting change; traditionally, laundries were not glamorous. Some people can dread laundry tasks. Renovating the space to be practical and personalised for you can make it a much more enjoyable experience.

Laundries need to be practical and fit in with the design of your home interiors. Matching a laundry’s design and colour palette with your kitchen or bathroom is a way to ensure a strong sense of continuousness throughout the home, making for a cohesive and coordinated design. Alternatively, it is the room you want to have lots of fun with, as it is not the house’s focal point.

As laundries are high-water areas, they have the potential to flood , resulting in lifting floorboards or vinyl. Not to mention the water leaking into walls and ceiling cavities. Tiles, installed properly, will provide you with a waterproof solution!

For a successful, long-lasting installation in wet areas like these, it is essential to call on the expertise of an accredited waterproofing specialist. Their knowledge and experience will ensure your project complies with Australian Standards for maximum protection against water damage.

Premier Tiling and Renovation Services ensure every wet area is waterproofed using only licenced specialists - guaranteeing top-quality work backed by a compliance certificate.

Laundry Tiling
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Laundry Tiling FAQ's

Water also creates havoc on painted walls with spot stains from tubs, causing long-term damage to walls and often the structural timber behind the wall. Please also note the humidity level that dryers often bring to the laundry, so tiled walls are often a great long-term solution to preventing water damage and are an easy-to-clean solution for laundries.

Splashbacks can be custom glass, your choice of tiles or a mosaic.. A splashback in the laundry is perfect, especially behind the laundry trough. Keeping water splashes and moisture away from your walls will ensure no issues with mould and mildew in the space later down the track. A quality splashback and proper ventilation in the space will ensure a mould-free laundry room that is a breeze to keep clean and maintain!

The best laundry wall tiles will depend on several factors specific to your project, from your budget to your preferred style and colour preferences. The laundry is susceptible to humidity and splashing, ensuring your splashback, wall and floor tiles selection is simple to clean, care for and maintain.

Glazed ceramic, porcelain or glass wall tiles have been especially popular in the laundry as each of these tile varieties offers a sleek and smooth surface finish that will resist water damage while also being simple to wipe down and keep tidy. Although natural stone options are also popular, it is important to note that natural materials are porous; they can be susceptible to marking or discolouration if not properly sealed and maintained.

Choosing the right tile for your Laundry

Tiles in the laundry can add style and durability. Popular options include glazed ceramic, porcelain or glass tiles which are water-resistant, easy to clean and have a smooth finish. Natural stone is also an option, but needs to be sealed and maintained as it can absorb liquids.

Glaze Ceramic Tiles

A glazed tile is when a manufacturer glazes the tile with a liquid baked in a kiln, giving a polished finish. The glaze forms a water and stain barrier across the tile. Ceramic tiles are easy to maintain and are resistant to dirt, stains and odours. They can be wiped over with a mop or damp sponge. Ceramic tiles are perfect for busy homes!

Laundry Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are one of the most popular wall tiles for laundry room applications due to their impressive durability and strength. These tiles are baked at exceptionally high temperatures, which results in the tile is non-porous. This means that porcelain wall tiles will not easily absorb liquids or moisture while also doing away with the need for regular sealing. However, when paired with cement-based grouts, it is recommended that grout lines be sealed to ensure the porous grout is protected over time.

Glass Wall Tiles

Glass wall tiles offer a variety of colours, styles and finish to choose from, providing your laundry with a nice elegant, clean and modern look. Perfect for renovating a small laundry to make it feel brighter and larger. Glass tiles in the laundry make it easy to clean and maintain; grease, grime and splashes simply wipe down.

Experienced Laundry Tiling Services.

The laundry is a room exposed to bleaches, washing detergents, and other strong washing chemicals. This, over time, can discolour tiles, walls and grout (if the incorrect grout is used); speak to an expert at Premier Tiling and Renovation Services for the best solution today .


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