Avoid a watery disaster and hire experts from Premier Tiling and Renovation Services. Waterproofing is a critical process for protecting and preserving the integrity of your home. It helps to create an invisible shield around wet areas, like bathrooms or laundries, blocking harmful moisture that can cause damage to foundational structures.

Waterproofing should never be on your DIY list. It is essential to call on the expertise of an accredited waterproofing specialist. Their knowledge and experience will ensure your project complies with Australian Standards for maximum protection against water damage.


Residential Waterproofing

Premier Tiling and Renovation Services are wet areas waterproofing specialists. We ensure every wet area is waterproofed using only licenced specialists – guaranteeing top-quality work backed by a compliance certificate that complies with Australian Standards.

Kitchen Waterproofing

Open-plan living creates show-stopping kitchens, but placing your kitchen in the centre of the home; activity can be positive, but without adequate waterproofing, it could prove disastrous. Leaks that go unfixed can cause structural damage to other rooms within the home. Think, warped wood, and damp walls leaked through other home areas.

Bathroom Waterproofing

Waterproofing is essential to protect your bathroom from destructive water damage and provides cost-effective insulation. It will keep moisture out of walls, floors, ceilings and prevent destruction in light fixtures while providing a warm atmosphere that can help you save on energy bills each month!

Laundry Waterproofing

The laundry in your home or apartment is highly susceptible to water damage. If undetected, leaking appliances can wreak havoc by causing structural deterioration throughout the building – making waterproofing essential for a risk-free living!

Balcony Waterproofing

Keep balcony waterproofing top of mind to avoid costly repairs. Once tiles are applied, undoing the damage can be challenging. Don’t take your chances with potential water seepage – make sure it’s done right from the start!

Swimming Pool Waterproofing

Swimming pool leaks can seriously strain your wallet and the environment, with their gradual but often unnoticed water loss adding up to costly energy expenditure. It pays to take preventative measures now – both financially and ecologically!

Ponds & Water Features

Add an oasis of calm to your home with a beautiful, sustainable water feature. Professional waterproofing is essential for keeping it in pristine condition and providing peace of mind that all structural integrity tests have been passed. Enjoy the tranquillity amongst nature’s captivating sounds and sights!

Strata and Commercial Waterproofing

Our commercial waterproofing services will ensure efficient, lasting protection for existing and new builds. Our team offers a comprehensive selection of membranes, coatings, and sealants to guarantee a job well done every time!

  • Structural deterioration can lead to serious water ingress if not handled correctly.
  • Damaged joints, seals, and membranes due to building movement or temperature changes require specialist attention for proper repair.
  • In addition, new modifications that are potentially exposed must also be made waterproof by experienced contractors with the right expertise;
  • Otherwise, costly consequences may arise from previous inadequate or incompatible solutions applied without sufficient experience.

Premier Tiling and Renovation Services have the know-how to properly assess any wet area repairs or waterproofing needs, giving you peace of mind that your project will be treated right. With significant homeowner complaints about class one (major) construction defects coming directly from inadequate wet areas – this is an opportunity for long-term success with certified expertise on board.

Licensed and Experienced waterproofing Technicians

Premier Tiling and Renovation Services are the experienced go-to experts for all your waterproofing needs. Boasting a highly experienced team of experts who specialise in proven techniques to ensure long-lasting results – you’re sure to be taken care of!

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